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The rates and terms will be displayed on short term on this page.
What you need to take into account: accepts only ads that have value to the traveler.
  • Pop ups are not allowed in ads.
  • Background music or sounds are not allowed.
  • All links within the ad open a new window or open a new tab.
  • The ad must be "appropriate" and should not contain obscene, racist or illegal information.
  • There should be no links to "inappropriate" web sites.
  • "Add to Favorites" may not appear in an ad.
  • Your ad should be tested in Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Firefox. has the right to remove your ad from the site at any time, if you do not take the above into account. can also reject your ad if it does not fit on the site.

If you harm, will demand compensation. Under harm, we mean:
  • Not paying outstanding invoices.
  • Disseminating information harmful to (the computer of) our users.
    • Distribute Viruses.
    • Distribute Spyware.
    • Distribution of not child friendly information.
  • You do not respect the rules mentioned above.
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