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Here you can find all RV parks of the province of Antwerp in alphabetical order.
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Antwerp (Antwerpen) - Kampeerautoterrein Vogelzang (2020) - Antwerp - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 115 places
Straat: Vogelzanglaan 7/9
Open all year round. Only for motorhomes, caravans and tents not permitted. 24h/24h surveillance, reception open 8 am-21 pm in the summer, 10h-20h in the winter.
The center of Antwerp is accessible by public transport.
Recorded thanks to Bart Wauters.
Antwerp (Antwerpen) - Merksem - Sports Centre De Rode Loop (2170) - Antwerp
Straat: Rodeloopstraat 2
Parking at sports center "De Rode Loop".
Arendonk - swimming pool (2370) - Antwerp
Public parking Straat: Van Eycklaan 7
Parking for the municipal swimming pool.
Water available during the opening hours of the swimming pool.
Bornem - Hingene - Castle d'Ursel (2880) - Antwerp
Straat: Koningin Astridlaan
Parking next to Chateau d'Ursel.
Brasschaat - sports centre Sportoase Elshout (2930) - Antwerp
Straat: Elshoutbaan 17
Parking at sports hall Sportoase Elshout.
Brecht - Gemeenschapscentrum Jan vander Noot (2960) - Antwerp
Straat: Mudaeusstraat
Parking at City Park.
Essen - Essen (2910) - Antwerp
Straat: Grensstraat / Kerkeneind
Grobbendonk - Fire brigade (2280) - Antwerp
Straat: Vaartkom 1
Parking next to fire station.
Herentals - Soccer Stadium (2200) - Antwerp - Free parking and staying overnight
Straat: Herenhoutseweg
Parking at Football Stadium.
Coordinates may not be correct.
Hulshout - sports centre (2235) - Antwerp - Free parking and staying overnight
Straat: Industriepark 1/3
Parking nearby municipal sports center.
Kalmthout - Kalmthoutse Heide (2920) - Antwerp - Free parking and staying overnight - 2 places
Straat: Heibloemlaan
Lier - Cultureel centrum De Mol (2500) - Antwerp
Straat: Aarschotsesteenweg 3
Parking at the cultural center De Mol.
Lier - Koningshooikt - Het Fort (2500) - Antwerp
Straat: Donderheide
Nearby tfortress of Lier.
Lier - Koningshooikt - motorhomes Konings (2500) - Antwerp
Straat: Sander de Vosstraat 141
Sign up during the opening hours.
Mechlen (Mechelen) - Nekkerspoel (2800) - Antwerp
Straat: Nekkerspoel-Borcht / Spuibeekstraat
Parking nearby sports and recreation center "De Nekker".
Puurs - Puurs (2870) - Antwerp
Straat: Kerkhofstraat
Sint-Amands - Emile Verhaerenstraat (2890) - Antwerp - Free parking and staying overnight - 2 places
Straat: Emile Verhaerenstraat
Warning: one-way street.
Service point present.
Vosselaar - Sportcentrum Diepvenneke (2350) - Antwerp - Free parking and staying overnight - 2 places
Straat: Diepvenneke 43
Willebroek - sports centre De Schalk (2830) - Antwerp
Straat: Dijlelaan
The parking behind sports center "De Schalk".
De Schalk is located in the Stadionlaan 2.
Service possible:
Fresh water filling:
Waste water discharge:
Chemical toilet discharge:
Extra service:
Toilet aanwezig:
Garbage can:
Automatic washer:
Cost overnight parking:
Type of RV park:
Present required:
Entrance with pits:
Paved access road:
Entrance with sharp bend:
Entrance with strong slope:
Narrow entrance:
Slope of the location:
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